Top Achievers

Inspired by Daniel’s tenacity, strong leadership, and guidance, these like-minded individuals entered the financial services industry. New associates undergo a proven system that develop their skills and financial planning abilities. More than half the group are now MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) achievers - a prestigious award for the top financial practitioners in the world. A career milestone attained only by those who have demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge, client service and ethical conduct representing the best in this industry.

Daniel solo9Feb207

Daniel Chang

RNF No: CWM200086415

Qualifications: CFP®, FChFP

Eugene GEsolo9Feb744

Eugene Cheah

RNF No: CKL200195978

Qualifications: AFPᶜᵐ, AEPP®

Joshua GEsolo9Feb394

Joshua Low

RNF No: LJM300353769

Qualifications: AWPᶜᵐ, AEPP®

Cassandra GEsolo9Feb615

Cassandra Zhao

RNF No: ZHX200094106

Qualifications: CFP®, ASEP®

Christine GEsolo9Feb082

Christine Toh

RNF No: TSC200096364

Qualifications: ADWM, DPFP

Audrey GEsolo9Feb805

Audrey Tan

RNF No: TYL300104328

Qualifications: CFP®, FChFP

Kar Yin GEsolo9Feb004

Lau Kar Yin

RNF No: LKY300214471

Qualifications: ChFC®

Jovin GEsolo9Feb228

Jovin Mar

RNF No: MJX300278657

Qualifications: AWPᶜᵐ, ASEP®

Yong Zheng GEsolo9Feb566

Toh Yong Zheng

RNF No: TYZ300370130

Qualifications: CFP®, AEPP®

David GEsolo9Feb649

David Pong

RNF No: PSW200097100

Qualifications: AEPP®, ASEP®

Clement GE12Feb633

Clement Tan

RNF No: CTZ300274871

Qualifications: AFPᶜᵐ, ASEP®

Ying Wen GEsolo9Feb147

Tan Ying Wen

RNF No: TYW300051183

Qualifications: AWPᶜᵐ

Ming Jie GEsolo9Feb474

Tan Ming Jie

RNF No: TMJ300389183

Qualifications: AWPᶜᵐ, AEPP®

Adeline GEsolo_adelin_edited

Adelin Lin

RNF No: LXA300403855

Elaine GEsolo9Feb865

Elaine Hing

RNF No: EHK300527182