Our Leaders

Our leaders have are well aligned with our these guiding values and foundation “To leave a legacy that impact lives by paying it forward”. Through our guiding values, we have confidently established a point of trust and strong relationship with our clients, providing them with high quality services.

Core Values

We remain firmly grounded in our 7 core values as our beacon, pointing us in our true north as we advance and grow.

Daniel solo9Feb207

Daniel Chang

RNF No: CWM200086415

Rank: Senior Director, Financial Services

Shane GEsolo9Feb538

Shane Sim

RNF No: SSQ300237762

Rank: Manager, Financial Services

Adeline GEsolo_adelin_edited

Adelin Lin

RNF No: LXA300403855

Rank: Manager, Financial Services

Eugene GEsolo9Feb744

Eugene Cheah

RNF No: CKL200195978

Rank: Director, Financial Services