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Tan Ming Jie

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Tan Ming Jie

Senior Financial Consultant, Financial Services



Beginning his career as a Marine Engineer, Ming Jie have travelled the world and across oceans, working with the World’s occupants.
This has helped him open his eyes and heart to anyone and everyone.
His sincerity and genuineness coupled with a deep desire to make a positive impact in the lives of people are his distinguishing factors when providing first-class advice and service.
His growing clientele ranges from all walks of life, from the everyday heroes to the professionals and executives, for his belief that all deserves the best advice available helps testify of his professionalism.

As a life-long learner, Ming Jie has constantly been upgrading himself for the benefit of his clients.
He has completed his Associate Estate Planning Practitioner certification which enables him to refer his clients to appropriate professional that manage wills and trust to ensuring Legacies are kept.
As an Associate Wealth Planner, he is en-route in accomplishing the Certified Financial Planner Certification.

His Motivation
Loyalty and Trust are Ming Jie’s greatest source of motivation.
His desire to help individuals, a want in establishing a strong connection with his clients so as to make sure their goals & concerns are properly addressed, and finally achieved.
Innately predisposed to excel and prove that anyone can succeed is his modus operandi in all aspects of his life.

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MDRT member

Million Dollar Round Table A prestige award for the top financial practitioners in the world. A Career milestone attained only by those who have demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge, client service and ethical conduct.

Professional Qualifications

AWPCM (Associate Wealth Planner)
AEPP® (Associate Estate Planning Practitioner)

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Protection planning is the foundation of a holistic and comprehensive financial plan. It’s essential to go through a detailed fact-finding process which will allow us to identify the financial impact to you and your family when an adverse event arises (Pre-mature Death, Illnesses). We plan out bespoke solutions to protect your income using our tailored strategy.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

All different life stages bring about different challenges and needs. From buying your first home, your first car, children’s education to your very own golden retirement nest egg. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we help to design and structure actionable strategies to achieve your goals.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

We also give our client a piece of mind, by ensuring that their dependants are taken care of, in the event of their demise. Our financial consultants are trained in Estate planning and are able to provide professional advice and plan for proper transfer of assets through Wills & Trust. We structure Universal Life policy to enhance retirement and create a meaningful legacy.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

Business succession is a vital, yet often overlooked part of a long-term business strategy.

We understand the significance of a good business succession plan to protect your business when unexpected tragedies impact your key executives. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of business with cash compensation and the certainty that your business will survive with its key employees.

Business Succession

Business Advisory Service

Hiring and retaining talent are keys to any organisation's success.

An organisation that genuinely cares for its employees is one that will be appreciated by their talent, as employees know their well-being is being taken care of by their employer.

Attract and retain dedicated talent to your company with employee benefits and see your company's existing talent nurture and grow within your organisation.

Employee Benefits

Business Advisory Service

Business security plays a critical role in ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operations. However, even with extreme cautiousness, that is still insufficient. You need to foresee and implement strategies to mitigate the potential damages and/or losses caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Commercial Business Insurance

Business Advisory Service

Tan Ming Jie

Positive and informative

August 1, 2022

Ming Jie had been serving my family insurance and investment plan. He had came across to me a very reliable honest and trustworthy person with great support and help towards my needs.

Thank you for his 24/7 untiring service just hope Ming Jie take proper rest as we not a machine need to take rest and sleep for healthy body

Choo Ng Hui

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