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Lau Kar Yin

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Lau Kar Yin

Executive Senior Financial Consultant, Financial Services



Kar Yin is a senior adviser with Great Eastern Financial Advisers (GEFA), where she began her career after graduation a decade ago. With a background in Mathematics, she has a keen eye for numbers and with her problem-solving skills, she aims to provide tailored financial solutions for her clients.

Kar Yin has a personable nature which allows her to connect with people easily. She is highly valued by her clients, and she is determined to build long-term working relationships with them. Kar Yin does not measure success by fame or money, but by the way we live our lives to the fullest while loving and lifting others up. She hopes to inspire and to empower the people around her to achieve the goals they set for in life.

Kar Yin’s consistency and dedication in her work has led her to her achievements thus far, including years of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) under her belt. Despite so, she never stopped in her journey of learning and self-improvement to provide top quality advice to her clients.

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3-year MDRT member and IDA member

Million Dollar Round Table A prestige award for the top financial practitioners in the world. A Career milestone attained only by those who have demonstrated exceptional professional knowledge, client service and ethical conduct.

International Dragon Award promotes the pursuit of a high-quality life, professionalism, upholding of moral integrity, establishment of professional practices to preserve dignity in the career and industry, and creating the best environment for the practice of the life insurance business.

Professional Qualifications

ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant)

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Protection planning is the foundation of a holistic and comprehensive financial plan. It’s essential to go through a detailed fact-finding process which will allow us to identify the financial impact to you and your family when an adverse event arises (Pre-mature Death, Illnesses). We plan out bespoke solutions to protect your income using our tailored strategy.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

All different life stages bring about different challenges and needs. From buying your first home, your first car, children’s education to your very own golden retirement nest egg. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we help to design and structure actionable strategies to achieve your goals.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

We also give our client a piece of mind, by ensuring that their dependants are taken care of, in the event of their demise. Our financial consultants are trained in Estate planning and are able to provide professional advice and plan for proper transfer of assets through Wills & Trust. We structure Universal Life policy to enhance retirement and create a meaningful legacy.


Personal Finance Advisory Service

Business succession is a vital, yet often overlooked part of a long-term business strategy.

We understand the significance of a good business succession plan to protect your business when unexpected tragedies impact your key executives. This ensures the uninterrupted flow of business with cash compensation and the certainty that your business will survive with its key employees.

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Business Advisory Service

Hiring and retaining talent are keys to any organisation's success.

An organisation that genuinely cares for its employees is one that will be appreciated by their talent, as employees know their well-being is being taken care of by their employer.

Attract and retain dedicated talent to your company with employee benefits and see your company's existing talent nurture and grow within your organisation.

Employee Benefits

Business Advisory Service

Business security plays a critical role in ensuring uninterrupted and smooth operations. However, even with extreme cautiousness, that is still insufficient. You need to foresee and implement strategies to mitigate the potential damages and/or losses caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Commercial Business Insurance

Business Advisory Service

Lau Kar Yin

Best Financial Consultant

April 29, 2022

Kar Yin has been my financial consultant since I started working and I have never regretted my decision. She has always given me financial advice that is carefully curated to my needs and my budget and is never pushy. Kar Yin has always given me prompt support and help whenever I had queries and is always available when I needed her help. From my observations and understanding of her, she is a driven individual who puts in consistent effort in her work diligently and prides herself in her work and also helping others. I am very thankful to have a trusted representative like Kar Yin to help me plan my life journey!

Shu Yi

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