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In ACDC, we groom leaders. We embrace each other and help driven individuals to grow and succeed.

Success is where Preparation and Opportunity meet.

Mid-Career Switch

Our group comprises of many individuals who’s changed their career midway to join us. Their conviction to do good, do right and to do well in this career, has aided them to transit and perform exceptionally well.

Varsity Program

We believe that early planning provides a good head-start. Through our training system that we have set in place for our undergrads, we intend to educate and provide the chance for undergrads to get ahead of all their peers.

Our New Talents

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Yong Zheng

RNF No. TYZ300370130
Ex Sales Engineer

A proud father to 2 beautiful daughters, Yong Zheng’s career has saw him through his life milestones, highly adept at managing his time between work and his family


RNF No. MJX300278657
Ex Bio-Engineer

Using his background as a Bio-Engineer, Jovin realised the importance of having a good corporate health benefit. Hence, a considerable number of Jovin’s client came from corporate clients.

Jia Yi

RNF No. PJY300081092
NUS Graduate

Jia Yi’s passion for dance ignited from her days in NUS. Starting a professional career upon her graduation, our flexible schedule gave her the freedom to plan her time to continue pursuing her passion. She would make time, attending dance classes or conducting classes to share her passion. 


RNF No. YKY300594769
NTU Graduate

Yorick has led a rather active lifestyle as a student, actively joining a number of outdoor activities. One of the activities he enjoys is climbing. If he isn’t meeting his clients, he’ll likely be spotted in one of the climbing gyms around town.


RNF No. HHQ300584957
SMU Undergraduate

Holly joined us before being matriculated into SMU, having went through the Internship programme. Being a highly sociable person, she often balances her life between school, social life and work. Through our financial trainee training system, we take the pressure off from the pursuit of results, to learning and doing right by her friends and clients.


RNF No. AJP300126130
NUS Undergraduate

People are often drawn to him like a moth to the light, a people person at heart. Sean joined us straight from National Service, before he started University, giving him the head start to learn. By the time he matriculated, he was well adept in curating personal protection portfolios. Now he balances his time between school and work.

A Resilient Lifelong Industry

Despite the pandemic situation, the financial planning industry saw great performance while many other industries are affected.

Growth is imminent

Life insurance industry remains resilient to sustain growth in 2021 with a 23% increase in weighted new business premiums.

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Choose to work from wherever you want.



Great for hustlers who prefer flexible working times.



Spend time with your family and friends.

Helping You

To Take Your First Step

We are in this together, and you will not be alone.

Financial Planning Career Singapore ACDC Group Daniel Chang Corporate Insurance

Start-up Bonus

You will receive an incentive to start your journey.
Upon completion of licensing and training


We will fund all your CMFAS examination fees necessary to start your practice.

Great Entreprenuer Scheme (GES)

Kick-start your practice with a competitive financial allowance scheme.

Dedicated Mentors

Engage with your dedicated mentors to focus on your competency and value proposition delivery

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