Managing Inflation

Written by: Shenghan (Financial Consultant,RNF: NS-300668994) , Ayushi and Melvin (Financial Consultant, RNF: MC-300664991 ) Mentor by: Holly Heng (Financial Consultant, RNF: HHQ300584957) How do I start? Important Terms: Sources: 1 2 3 Who can invest? People have different risk-return profiles due to different financial goals and obligations. Levels Level 1 Level 2 Level … Read more

The Important of Education Planning

Written by: Morris and Faith Mentor by: Yorick Kwek (Senior Financial Consultant, RNF: YKY300594769) Given Singapore’s emphasis on meritocracy, education becomes a significant predictor of income later in life. Educational planning is thus exceedingly important in ensuring that one does not lose out on the academic rat race. Hence, in Singapore, to start planning early … Read more

Retirement for dummies/Retirement 101

Written by: Zichun, Rane, Sharonne and Jiafu Mentor by: Phua Jia Yi (Senior Financial Consultant, RNF No: PJY300081092) What is retirement? Society is now met with this concept of “living for too long”. What does that mean for us? According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), it is stated in the Retirement and Re-employment Act … Read more

Wealth Protect

Written by: Pin Quan (Financial Consultant, RNF: OPQ300667717) , Chervelle and Daniel Chong (Financial Consultant, RNF: CHR300636914) Mentor by: Sean Ang (Financial Consultant, RNF: AJP300126130) Wealth Protection is a term used in the financial industry to describe wealth management strategies and tools that help individuals and businesses to safeguard their assets. Due to uncertainties in … Read more